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What does reconditioned mean?

More and more often while surfing the Internet you will have come across next to smartphones, computers and tablets for sale the words "refurbished device," but what does that mean?

Let's start with the basics: a reconditioned smartphone, tablet or computer is a device that is offered for sale after it has been checked and tested in all its aesthetic/functional parts and guaranteed for 12 months.

Equating remanufactured devices with used ones is a big mistake. While the former are as good as new, with companies performing technical tests and replacing damaged parts before put them back on sale, with used devices we will never be sure that everything works perfectly perfection but above all we will not be guaranteed in the post-purchase.

Our reconditioning process

  • 1. IMEI verification and operator lock:

    In the first step we are going to perform a validity check on the IMEI code and any blocks by the operators.

  • 2. Hardware verification:

    in the second phase we go on to test any malfunctions of the device, carrying out more than 30 stringent tests both manual and via software, also checking wear parts such as the battery and keys.

  • 3. Component replacement:

    In the third stage we go on to replace, if broken or worn components are present.

  • 4. Software Verification and Update:

    In the fourth step we go to check possible software malfunctions and correct them if it is necessary. Then the formatting of the device to the factory settings, so as to ensure that the end user feels like having a device that is as good as new.

  • 5. Aesthetic evaluation:

    Having arrived at the penultimate stage we go on to divide the devices into 4 grades according to their aesthetic condition: ECO - GOOD - LIKE NEW (more information).

  • 6. Sanitization and packing:

    Having arrived at the last step, we take care of thoroughly clean the device, through antibacterial solution and then proceed to the process of packing and storage in our warehouses.

Do the refurbished ones have a warranty?

Remanufactured smartphones and computers have a one-year warranty provided directly by the company that reconditioned the device. Before moving on to purchase, however, it is it is necessary to check whether the one-year warranty is specified among the device's features. year.

What to do before buying a refurbished product?

Is it advisable to buy a refurbished product? Yes!

For two very specific reasons: the devices are checked over and over again before they are offered for for sale and are practically as good as new. In addition, they are priced much lower than new devices and those who are looking for a high-end device, with a product refurbished can save even several hundred euros.

Before buying a refurbished device, however, certain steps need to be taken: carefully read the description of the item for sale, check the feedback of other users about the seller and the method of payment.

Genius 12-month warranty

For every refurbished device purchased from us you have included in the price 1 year Warranty.

Warranty covers all hardware/software damage excluding accidental damage caused by the customer and entitles in case of defects to:


2.Repair: Repair/replacement time is 5/7 working days from the date of receipt of the device at our warehouses (the customer is entitled to free pickup of the terminal).

You can get more information about the warranty at this link.

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